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Firestarter Package

Are You Ready To Begin Your Breakthrough?

The Firestarter package is the first level of Reality Creation we can activate inside for your ‘North Node Ascension’ ~ where your true Soul Compass is pointing you to embody, refine & empower. We create new frequency pathways inside that calibrate your consciousness to manifest the vibrational alignment that is in accord with your Soul…. We will look deeply together at the unchecked sabotage & fear programs, and put a match to those deeper passions that need powerful fuel & clarity.

Along the way, your capacity for love and your perceptual programming of who you believe yourself to be are upgraded!

  • Clear the confusion around your Life Journey & discover the next steps to take
  • Discover core patterns and turn them to ashes for your Resurrection
  • Activate new energetics and frequencies within your LightBody
  • Open gates of Consciousness to liberate you from your limited viewpoints
  • Make new commitments to your Ascension
  • Initiate the Sequence that will unlock the Phoenix Code

What You’ll Receive:

  • 1 Skype session — Mastery Coaching & Counseling
  • 1 phone session — Meditation training, breath & esoteric chi-building practices
  • 1 Long-distance Energy Attunements & Readings
  • A Personalized audio guided meditation recorded by Amoraea just for you, to practice daily, based on our first Skype session….
  • Personalized written tailored practices & protocols to keep you Igniting Your Phoenix
  • Another Audio Meditation from Amoraea’s Divine Human Blueprint Course Manual
  • Amoraea’s Touching Grace Hemi-Sync CD with special encoded binaural brainwave technology for heightened states of consciousness
  • As a Firestarter, I help you catalyze your dormant potential and
    Breakthrough into Brilliance…

Investment In Your Breakthrough

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