Ready To Commit to Your Path?

The Phoenix Code Package

When you crack the Phoenix Code,
You Become a Reality Creator

The Phoenix Code Package is a true initiatory experience for Full Life Breakthrough, not just concepts, counseling or a ‘healing’ system. It is direct and tailored training for you to access sustained states of higher consciousness and spiritual expansion, empowering you to progress even deeper on your own. It is Ceremonial Rituals that affect whole-being shifts through customized alchemical processes.

Your liberated energy from the Phoenix Code Package is the ignition for higher levels of bliss, success, harnessed purpose, ecstatic living, heart opening, and a disciplined Spiritual-Life practice that will continue to empower you.

Are You Ready to…
Be married to your Mastery?
Totally devote to waking up?
Be in a love affair with your Life?
Stop living from small ideas?
Start living from Expanded Vision?

You were born to unleash it and live in the perpetual resurrected state…

In the end, all fears distill down to three things: separation from God/Source, fear of death and loss of control.

The Phoenix Code breaks the cycle!

But breakthrough is just the beginning in our journey together ~ then we re-create your world from the inside out.

You are on the ride of your lifetimes and I am here to guide you on the accelerated learning track. When you leave the 7-day Intensive here, you will have died and resurrected in the Light of your True Self with the new tools and inner confidence to keep re-creating your inner and outer world upon returning home.

Our built-in follow-up sessions will anchor those new inner structures and codes and keep them consistent in your lifestyle. No longer bound by the programs and fears that ruled your previous life, challenges will still happen, yet you’ll melt them with your intense brilliance, ascended awareness and newly liberated heart.

Ultimately, true Spiritual Attainment and intimate contact with your Soul is the path of the Phoenix. This is the art of Lucid Dreaming your life awake as a Reality Creator.

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What You’ll Receive

In the 4 weeks building up to the 7-day intensive:

  • 1 Skype session ~ Mastery Coaching & Counseling
  • 1 phone session ~ Meditation training, breath & esoteric chi-building practices
  • 2 Long-distance Energy Attunements & Readings
  • Personalized Audio guided meditation recorded by Amoraea just for you, to practice daily, based on our first Skype session
  • Personalized Written tailored practices & protocols to keep you Igniting Your Phoenix
  • Another Audio Meditation from Amoraea’s Divine Human Blueprint Course Manual
  • Amoraea’s Touching Grace Hemi-Sync CD with special encoded binaural brainwave technology for heightened states of consciousness

7-Day One-on-One Intensive in Kauai with Amoraea

  • All organic island-Mana-packed meals included
  • 2.5 hour “Face your Dragon” Main Ritual ~ Full Initiation Breakthrough
  • Three 90-minute additional Sessions utilizing ‘shamanic’, healing, and energetic ‘Lightbody’ work
  • Five 60-minute Meditation training, breath & esoteric chi-building somatic practices
  • Daily 60 minute check-in sessions, including Mastery Coaching & Counseling
  • 2 Half-Day Nature Outings to Sacred Island Portals, including personalized ceremonies
  • Two 60-minute massage sessions from TWO different lovely island therapists

In the 4 weeks after the 7-Day Intensive

  • A 2nd Personalized Audio guided meditation recorded by Amoraea just for you, to practice daily, based on our 7-Day Intensive
  • 1 Skype session ~ Check up & Integration
  • 1 phone session ~ Mastery Coaching & Counseling
  • 1 Long-distance Energy Attunement & Reading
  • Advanced eBook – Higher Levels of Awareness Embodied Mastery
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