8 Modules of Mystic teachings, meta-programming principles & alchemical practices seamlessly woven with energetic transmissions & divinely inspired rituals for attaining Creator Consciousness

The ‘Awakened Dreamer’ state issues out of a connection to ‘Causal Awareness’ or what some traditions call your ‘I AM Presence.’  Rarely is this state taught except in advanced esoteric teachings.  This is the stage of waking out of the dream of this reality as a passive character and truly becoming LUCID as the Cause of your Creation instead of the effect of circumstance.

The Imaginarium is your training ground to rapidly dissolve the stories, patterns & belief systems that have kept you spinning in a dream without being fully awake.  Your dream may even seem really beautiful and you’re taking steps for it to be more harmonious and ‘sacred’, but if you haven’t truly woken out of it, it’s still defining who you are!

Along this path, you will shift your perspective to a radical new sense of identity and of what is possible in your realm.  Together we will entrain to the Miracle Frequency together, discover how to Create Reality from the inside out, and live from the higher intelligence of your I AM Presence.  

From this vantage point, you can dissolve your fixed identity, look deeper into your Soul’s purpose, understand the Matrix of Creation, and synchronize the timelines of your highest destiny.  There will be no limit to what you can manifest, but more importantly, what you will evolve into.

  • Advance through rapid openings in Causal Awareness and non-dual reality usually only taught to adepts in spiritual traditions

  • Discover the hyperdimensional structure of Creation so you can tap the full range of its miraculous design

  • Contact the Genetic Mind of the Human Species & engage the evolutionary feedback loop with your future Meta-Self

  • Work with a comprehensive cosmological framework of our Soul origins, primary purpose & ultimate capacities written into the Blueprint of our Creation 

  • Powerful practices to spiritually unite with loved ones, see the higher design in your relationships & transcend karmic limitations

  • Transcend the fear of death and touch your Infinite Nature

Manifesting the Miraculous is based on 3 essential capacities:

* Connecting clearly, intimately & ecstatically with your Soul *
* Entraining with the Living Holographic Universe *
* Directing your awareness toward the Infinite ~ a domain of limitless potential *

But manifestations are no more our goal than the Magician’s goal is to prove his talents to an audience. The Magician or the Alchemist is utilizing Creation as an experimental ground to advance her consciousness and return to ‘The Creator State.’

Throughout these 8 weeks (or done at your own pace whenever you wish), you will absorb a wisdom codex of high-leveraging insights and monumental perspective shifts that will rewire your primary understanding of who you are, why you truly came here, and the steps to fulfill your core ‘Soul Purpose’ commitments, which only happens when you attain a certain level of spiritual awareness of yourself.

You will work on 3 specific manifestations built around your primary core purpose of your life, all as a way to practice A.dvanced R.eality C.reation… that is, how to ARC your soul into this world.

From your new non-linear holographic awareness state achieved in the Immersion and our collective entrainment field, you will anchor your highly refined and up-leveled requests from the Universe.

Take your REALITY-SHAPING abilities to the NEXT LEVEL
How will the IMAGINARIUM transform you?
✔ Learn the 'Overlighting Process' and how to intensify your field of influence for planetary awakening & awakening of others
✔ Sense 'Timelines of Highest Destiny' and navigate reality in alignment with your Soul
✔ Train the Power of your Multi-dimensional Mind
✔ Experience and interact with the Holographic Universe more effectively and live in ‘Miracle Frequency’ consistently.
✔ Step into ‘Awakened Leadership’ as a New Earth Oracle.
✔ Deepen trust in your connection with Source
✔ Learn tools to sustain your frequency amidst the chaos & challenges.

For those ready to advance quickly along their Embodied Ascension process, this Training will propel you through these processes:

✔ Experience & interact with the Holographic Universe more effectively and live in ‘Miracle Frequency’ more consistently
✔ ‘Access Infinity’, a meditation designed to launch you into the limitless quantum field to perceive and manifest from your GodSelf
✔ Meet your Inner Master Council and activate a network of incredible support to manifest your dreams & propel your Soul evolution
✔ Activate your higher senses – learn techniques that get you into an enhanced brainwave state where you can interact with & perceive the ‘invisible’ realms
✔ Holographic Timeline Techniques – learn several techniques to optimize your timeline, shift events & create in true alignment with your Soul’s Destiny
✔ The Awakened Dreamer Flowstate – uplevel your reality with the daily protocol I do to optimize my flow state to accomplish my highest visions, advance spiritually and live from ‘ever-expanding perfection’
✔ Dissolve your ego structure to emerge into Mandalic Consciousness (a.k.a. the ‘Jeweled Network’), the next stage in human evolution
✔ Upgrade your Human Operating System with Conscious Language and learn hacks in your subconscious which unlock your highest reality
Format for the Course

This is a Training you can do in your own time and pace.  Each of the 8 Modules, you will progress through 2.5 hours of video transmissions, guided audio meditations, written materials and homework.  All materials are held on the incredible ‘Thinkific.com’ teaching platform, making it easy to progress through the chapters and their separate lessons, and save your place where you left off.  Go at your own pace ~ though designed as an 8-week training, some may decide to move through faster and create a more immersive experience, or slower to really leverage each teaching & practice the materials

your 8-Week Training is $350 USD
We all know by now that we choose our reality, but have we been living from that extraordinary truth? When we understand the mechanics of Creation, we not only can liberate ourselves from inner limitations, but interact with the Universe in an outrageously more freeing way, and be in the Matrix / 3D, but not of it. Become the master of your destiny, by diving into your sub-conscious and reaching into your super-consciousness.

In this Immersion, you will learn what it takes to create from the inside out. You will have the opportunity to write a new story of life - one beyond your current dreams, and activate the deeper power of your Soul, as well as transform blockages that have been holding you at bay. We each are here to experience our own Soul’s Legacy, what we have scripted into this lifetime, and bring that into fruition as the expression of our innermost essence.
How do we pierce the veils of illusion and see Reality as it Truly IS? And what transformation will occur when we walk through the progressive Gateways of the Soul into the Enlightened State? Master Alchemists like Jeshua & Rumi knew the way to transform any experience into a doorway to God by revealing its true essence, thus collapsing the duality of ignorance

As in the ancient temples of Greece, Egypt, India & the Essenes, this Immersion will not only teach you the progressive steps of awakening the Soul, but ritually guide you through initiatory experiences that anchor wisdom directly in to your body. See where your ego has been running the show still and what must be surrendered to experience your infinite and unchanging eternal presence. We can only become an ‘Awakened Dreamer’ once we see how we have been asleep by believing our false identity is real.
What does Awakened Leadership mean? How do we embody that? Receive ritual experience & key wisdom for reclaiming your own power so that you can be a steward anchoring the Divine Human Blueprint for our species. When we heal a wound, when we integrate a new revelation, we do it for the whole species.

Now is the time to re-engineer anything in our personal life that no longer serves us, as well as holographically shift those patterns out of the morphogenetic field of Humanity. We will practice & experience anchoring the uniquely embodied codes that each of us carry as oracles of the New Earth Council. Simply by holding an impeccable presence of attunement to our Wisdom Body, we emanate what is possible as conscious awakened Divine Humans.
Holographic Time
We are indeed Time-Travellers. Living as an Awakened Dreamer occurs when we fundamentally change our relationship to time, granting interaction with our Holographic Selves and the ability to shape reality by merging with what I call ‘The Grand Field of Destiny’

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘Be in the Here and Now.’ The real question though is, how big is your ‘Here and Now’? Learn techniques that will pop you out of linear constructs and grant you access to a more primary level of time, consciousness & reality.

If ‘manifestation’ is what you want, this is one of the re-orientations necessary to change how you attract events. But ultimately it will change the REASONS and the FORMS of what you want as you start sensing and surrendering to ’Timelines of Highest Destiny.’
Throughout the training, a core component behind everything we do and achieve is enter ‘Miracle Frequency.’ Miracle frequency is the energetic feeling-state where we become a magnetic vortex for Life to interact with us at increasingly higher levels. We then start living from the reality that WE ARE the manifestation of the Miraculous .

‘Access Infinity’ is a core alignment process that entrains us to the infinite potential of the Singularity or Zero Point consciousness. Our acute connection to Infinity causes a secret shift in awareness that allows miracles, re-orients our relationship to Source/Divine/God, and pulls us into multi-dimensional capacities. This ALSO happens to be the core shift required for manifestation abilities!
Unraveling the Victim Illusion
We’ve been living in and propagating a very convincing lie ~ that we are victims of cause and effect. You are here to become a free Sovereign agent of the Universe in touch with your Creator Capacities! This requires you to unravel the ‘Victim Illusion’ that our entire culture and normal paradigm is built upon. Skillful techniques, wisdom & rituals will first transmute the ways we stay imprisoned in dualistic and defeating mentalities.

Then, through a ritual and re-commitment to what is more core than any belief system, anything that has happened to you in the past, any thought that has defined your reality, you will plug back in to the Universal Circuit of your True Self. From here, Reality will become your perfect feedback system showing you exactly how powerful you are, proving it over and over and over again.
The Next Stages of Enlightenment
As Humanity evolves, so does our version of Enlightenment. For many, the goal is no longer stepping off the ‘Wheel of Karma’ or awakening for one’s own sake. Our spiritual direction is towards an infinite scope of ‘Liberation’ within the playground of Creation, not a liberation out of Creation/incarnation.

The Imaginarium has an implicit purpose of service to the awakening of consciousness of Humanity. We’re here to contribute to the building of the most extraordinary leap a species can take, regardless of whether we see the results in our lifetime. Simply put, we are part of an ongoing Legacy that extends beyond our local self.

Imaginarium Training offers an experience of the new progressive stages of enlightenment through merging with greater and greater ‘mandalas of consciousness.’ We will also practice ‘Overlighting’, which is our Soul’s function to raise the vibration of the field around us and contribute to the opening of new circuits of energy on the planet and in others.
The 3-2-1 Process of Spiritual Evolution
There is a mapped-out structure in consciousness-development that all beings will eventually advance through in their experience of Awareness / Reality. The 3-2-1 Process can be utilized to move sequentially & rapidly into highest states to transform your identity, which will also result in you having more positive impact, potential for service, and ability to manifest.

You will learn what I consider to be the fastest way to enlightenment ~ how to commune with an inner master, your own Ascended Self, a deity, Gaia, even the soul of a friend, through progressive levels until you are united with their eternal virtuous qualities and can experience reality as they do. See through the eyes of God, Gaia, a deity or master and instantly step into their framework of consciousness that before would have just been a worshipping or perception of something outside of you.
Meditation has many stages. In the beginning we practice to clear our mind. Then we track our subconscious blockages and balance our emotions. Next our creative mind kicks in and instead of silencing it, we allow time for creative visualization.

Increasingly we ascend to finer and subtler levels of awareness, where our inner senses traverse the many dimensions. Beyond that, we then enter the first levels of non-dual awareness and situate ourselves in pure Soul consciousness. Rarely taught in normal meditation classes, these pathways that move into total unity with the Divine, allow us to naturally divest ourselves from our dual mind, and our ego driven thoughts.

With our pure Soul Diamond awareness we enter and merge with the field of All Creation, dissolving imprints and opening ourselves to the higher truth of Oneness. We will practice these states to build reliable abilities of perception of these levels or reality.
IMAGINARIUM is a process of alchemical techniques designed to resurrect the innate guidance of your Soul and activate your supreme potential so that you can be set free as a conscious co-creator of the New Earth.

Amoraea’s training as an Initiator is the secret to the success of this work. His formulated process of awakening fundamental capacities within you draws from his immersive 25 years into the alchemical secrets from ancient tantric lineages, shamanic healing, quantum energetic principles & Soul-centered transpersonal psychology.

He has facilitated over 20 transformational retreats, founded a successful retreat center and event temple in Kaua’i, offers global experiences in Soul Awareness, is a successful musician, visionary artist & author

Amoraea combines sacred teachings, empowerment rituals, meta-programming principles & inner technologies for breaking through your false identity and discovering your ecstatic potential on life’s dynamic and infinitely evolving journey.

He has dedicated his entire life mapping the Soul’s path towards enlightenment and the higher stages of consciousness as well as the pitfalls along the path, the demons that haunt our psyche, and common fears that keep us trapped in self-created prisons.  He has created a system called ‘The Phoenix Code’ for breaking through your false identity and discovering your ecstatic potential on life’s dynamic and infinitely evolving journey.

Amoraea has helped thousands reach more miraculous and richer experiences of Self-Realization and interact with the Holographic Universe by understanding the nature of consciousness and the quantum field.  Currently he provides multiple platforms online to access his teachings as well as live events in Australia and the United States.

Visit his primary websites:

As you feel called to join the journey,
here is what to expect:

18 hours of video transmissions

8 modules each with 2 to 2.5 hours of videos separated into core lessons

7 audio guided journeys

During the week, you will practice these core techniques to advance your evolution through the course work

65 pages of written materials

Detailed descriptions along with magnificent imagery provide you homework, integrations & more wisdom

Dedicated ongoing support

Dedicated ongoing support afterwards through post-livestreams & synchronized collective DAILY meditations to continue stabilizing the new states we achieve together (priceless bonus!)

Facebook group

Ongoing support from Amoraea and connection with the other Imagineers

BONUS: ‘Soul Mastery Training’ Video

Receive a 2.5-hour wisdom transmission, loaded with techniques, ritual, and cutting-edge leveraging concepts to live an alchemical lifestyle

BONUS: Divine Human Blueprint Course

Receive my entire 65-page full-color (digital) Divine Human Blueprint Course Manual ($33 value)

BONUS: Private Session with Amoraea

Receive a 75-minute Transformational Session for $100 instead of $144

The exchange for this special training is $350 USD

This Training offers you an in-depth exploration of the progressive levels of illumination to also enhance your effectiveness in the realm of Creation. I guarantee a full spectrum transformation if you truly apply this sequence of alchemical techniques, rituals, and processes, or will refund your money within the first 10 days if you are not satisfied. Take the first step with me as an energetic commitment to your Soul’s evolution.

What Sets ~imaginarium~ Apart from other Trainings
Amoraea has developed a comprehensive system weaving the modalities of Mystery School initiation, spiritual psychotherapy, intuitive guidance, somatic work & shamanic techniques to produce a whole-being transformation. Amoraea designs what he calls ‘Interactivations.’ These are ritual processes, field-state transmissions and ceremonial experiences that align the psyche, soul, emotions and body.

The process of alchemy requires us to cleanse the dross and dissolve the veils by first recognizing the ways we’ve been unconsciously playing in ‘The Matrix.’ When we are operating in deep resonance & alignment with who we truly are and what our deepest purpose is, then our personal fulfillment & level of impact increases exponentially
Meditation 2.0
Most of us have been exposed to yoga, meditation & spiritual traditions. Are you yearning to dive deeper? During our Immersion, we train your ability to raise into Soul Awareness beyond ordinary meditation and experience direct access to your Multi-Dimensional Self.

From this level of reality you will feel oneness as an experience, and receive answers from a deeper or higher level of reality. As a result you will be more & more in alignment with this deeper part of you, and most importantly you will accelerate in your spiritual evolution.
PRAYER hands cathedral
Universal Principles
Amoraea’s 25 years of dedicated personal growth and comprehensive awareness has fostered an appreciation of many spiritual traditions. This immersion recognizes all esoteric paths stem from a deeper wisdom that stands apart from any religion or system. He teaches inner techniques that adhere to universal principles that transcend yet are complimentary to whatever spiritual tradition you may be exploring or dedicated to. The goal is Self-Realization and the awakening to your True Nature beyond all form.
Heaven on Earth
Really, life at a deeper level is about developing the depth of our soul, and we do that while we learn to understand the laws of the universe and the 101 of creation. With each dream you manifest, you become a greater, brighter being. Our dreams are whispers from our future nudging us to evolve!

An essential purpose of these holographic techniques and experiences is to translate your deepest visions into tangible manifestations, freeing your most authentic expression, power & impact in the world so you can fulfill your purpose and experience what you truly desire.
Learn more about Amoraea & The Phoenix Code
Together we open the doors to a new consciousness on Earth
Transformation begins within and then ripples out, amplified together through our intent and joined luminous focus. Our Training holds the vision of stabilizing a higher level of consciousness for planetary enlightenment.

As we experience our own inner holographic universe change, we literally start to see real-time changes in our surrounding environment to match our vibration. Come co-create a miraculous space where we support the common vision we each wish to see in the world, and live more and more from that inner state fulfilled.

Do you have any Questions?

“The Imaginarium Training was an incredible journey that shook the shackles of suffering from the wheels of Karma in order to remember, reclaim and reactivate my true Nature, being One with Divine Source Love.  It was a sacred container where I could expand my Spiritual capacity to greater and greater possibilities while remaining grounded within the Pure Soul of Humanity. 

Amoraea crafted a seamless Union between Masculine Ascension practices and Feminine Embodiment wisdoms, offering a clarion call to rise in brilliance above the ways of the old, while encouraging breath, connection & a wild open heart to enjoy anew the nectar of life within & without.  Effortlessly, he wove the Mastery and the Mystery with purpose, intuitive integrity, insight, tenderness, joy & compassion, holding clear presence in pure service to all who attended.

Pristine, out of time meditations awakened a true remembrance within the mind, a remembrance of eternal innocence, of Divine Whole Love embracing Oneness.  This remembrance ignited and activated the practical life manifestations modules, and I found myself excited to call forth visions, to dream big, to be bold, to enjoy the play and discovery of creating in Soul alignment. Such exercises anchored real and tangible shifts within my being and the very cells of my body.”

~ Claire Evans

Amoraea and the Imaginarium container hold the codes you need to remember right now for your evolution. “I just knew I was supposed to be here” we all said – and found fractals of ourselves in the depth of each other’s eyes. Cosmonauts in human guise, we answered a summons to leap into quantum sovereign communion together. Every moment was the tantra of be~ing… and laugh – oh did we laugh!  Nourishment, in the fullest and most complete sense of the word. 

There is what Amoraea says and does, and there is what Amoraea IS.  It is the infusion of his unique frequency into the guided experiences that catalyses seismic and subtle shifts.

All parts of you will be loved into being, and you will exit the container with greater agency in your chosen life expression, quantum entangled with all life in powerfully good ways.

~ Giselle Jennaway (Starseed-Agency.Earth)

“The Imaginarium Training was way beyond what I could imagine or expect. Amoraea holds such a sacred safe space for all of us to drop into our natural essence. The creation of the energy field formed a high council that held each other accountable for our own sovereignty and creation on this Earth at this time. We learned to dance between the density of the dimensions while holding the light of the Soul to connect and love.

I now have a clearer sense of choices whether I am the victim of my dream or creator of my dream, taking ownership rather than being trapped in the illusion of my circumstances.”

~ Lihyan Teh

“The transmissions were monumental and the meditations extraordinary, shifting my perspective to a new sense of what is possible.  This was true heart-coherence and alchemical transformation into living and loving in the higher intelligence of our Christed selves.  

Feeling so sacredly held within this experience to show up in my undefended innocence, has allowed for the dissolution of long held woundings entangled within my own egoic nature to continue to fall away. Today, I sit, in the unfoldment of duality with a newfound commitment and awareness to awaken from the dream within the dream… to surrender any attachments to the mini-deaths and also to the ‘wow-full’ spherical miracle of awakenings as I ease back into humanity consciousness. I feel deeply the path from conceptual reality to embodiment of myself as a sensual being has a luminosity to it like never before.

~ Mia Sophia

“The Imaginarium offered a sacred space for like-minded innovators, healers, and lightworkers to progress their individual, collective and planetary development. The retreat delved deeply into the timelessness of the Soul and its expansion beyond birth and death to infinite lifetimes. In reflecting upon our timelessness, we were able to view our present life as simply a chapter in a greater untold story. Our fixed identity was dissolved as we looked deeper into the Soul’s purpose and how our present and past-life experiences shape the Soul’s evolution and expanded consciousness over time.

We explored the depth of the Soul through profound meditative experiences that guided us to confront the often feared events of death, rebirth and eternal life.  In doing so, we were encouraged to dissolve the physical body, the identity, the stories, the trauma and explore the truest expression of self while acknowledging our incredible power of co-creation with the Universe. 

Amoraea is a master facilitator who has a magnetic and powerful presence. He is acutely attuned to the energy of the circle and makes those in it feel safe, seen, heard and loved. He has a knack for connecting people and creating a shared experience of unconditional love and self-exploration with complete and utter integrity. It was the greatest pleasure, a life-changing experience and I am certain that my Soul will continue to reap its benefits for lifetimes to come.”

~ Julia H.

In my experience the opportunity to work with Amoraea is a rare & unique gift in this world.  His capacity for holding multiple frameworks of spirituality, science, language, embodiment explorations, awareness of the need for free expression as well as devotional containment, is unparalleled.

He creates a field of alchemical spontaneity in which all is allowed & encouraged to arise with an acknowledgement that within the heart of each individual is the mastery that can guide a true expression of themself as part of & in service to a greater whole . 

The Imaginarium was an unpredictably majickal experience of unified higher dimensional consciousness grounded into the human body. It was all I anticipated & well beyond.

~ Travers Wright

Seize the opportunity to work with an international teacher trained in advanced Soul Evolution & Initiation committed to your personal, spiritual and dharmic growth.

Our curriculum is designed to accelerate your spiritual practice and soul’s expression in the world, no matter where you are in your journey. The IMAGINARIUM is for those seeking next-level expansions in creating powerful inner foundations to sustain their highest frequency. You have a dedicated guide walking with you through your revelations & awakenings as well as your deepest shadows, to open the fearless path towards your destiny.
Testimonials for Amoraea
your One Month Training is $350 USD
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