We welcome and invite you to join us
We are planetary custodians holding the field for alchemical transformation of Humanity’s evolution through personal Embodied Mastery
Now more than ever, our soul-infused love and skill at creating a network of light, is needed to stabilize the chaotic nodes of the planet.
Who is this for?
Souls on a path of Self-Mastery
Choosing to embody True Sovereignty on all levels
Who value coherent hi-frequency sacred space
Invoked through holographic resonance
Ready to vibrationally upgrade all aspects
Of their incarnational experience and
Release personal & collective outdated programs
Through joining in alliance as sacred wisdom council
A nexus of Light for Evolving Humanity
To awaken ever-expanding remembrance Of Our Eternal Nature

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This service is offered entirely by DONATION
My current intention is to offer this once a month, and it will always be at the times below:

Time Zones: Hawaii 2 pm
West Coast (PST) 5 pm
East Coast (EST) 8 pm
Germany (+ most European)
2 am (Sunday) Sydney, AUS 10 am (Sunday)

Collective Oracle offers:

Tools, Teachings & Guided Experiences for Embodied Mastery

  • Learn how to interact with the Holographic Universe
  • Train systematically to awaken your ‘Soul Awareness’
  • Receive Energetic Initiations 
  • Live from Radical Openness & Heart Guidance
  • Discover & anchor next steps in your Soul’s Evolution
  • Sustain your energetic field amidst the chaos & patterns
  • Activate your capacities as an Oracular Evolutionary Leader  
  • Techniques & Practices for Kundalini opening & refinement
  • Clear & Upgrade your Circuitry and Self-Alignment
  • Develop the Power of your Multi-dimensional Consciousness
Your Host Amoraea
Drawing from an immersive 25 years into the alchemical secrets of inner transformation from ancient tantric lineages, shamanic healing, quantum energetic principles & Soul-centered transpersonal psychology, it is with honor that he offers himself as your guide into the Collective Oracle process.
Visit Amoraea’s main platform: THE PHOENIX CODE