Self-Mastery Training

Evolutionary Life Coaching

The Resurrection Process

As mentor, coach & guide I offer an accelerated, conscious evolutionary program designed for you to access multi-dimensional living, actualize your Soul’s deepest purpose and embody true fulfillment & freedom

Together, we will awaken and exalt the deepest part of you. We will uncover the primary causal source of your limiting beliefs and actively clear all levels of its impact in your life, for a full unleashing of clear energy, ecstatic communion with creation and a radical new level of freedom in your awareness. We then re-envision your reality, make quantum changes, energize your goals & service desires, and activate your intuitive center for self-direction.

Ready for quantum changes in your life?

 The people who most often come to me are:

• Seeking access to the Akashic Records of their Soul & driven by their spiritual awakening
• Ready to change lifelong patterns of worthiness, doubt, woundologies & outdated stories
• Confused around successfully accessing & sharing their gifts
• Ungrounded and thus not living from their power & true identity
• Ready for the next Initiation into Soul Awareness, Sovereignty & Embodied Mastery
• Tired & confined by their relationship patterns, have wounds to love and/or are calling in Sacred Union Alchemy
• Men ready to step in to their Divine Masculine presence & integrity at every level
• Women healing their wounds from the masculine through guidance with a safe, awakened masculine presence
• Trapped by their demons of doubt or are sensitive & exhausted by the conditions of the world
• Ready for sustainable joy and connect to what really fulfills them beyond the ups & downs

How many of these above describe you?

Amoraea’s mentoring provides a direct tap into your soul essence, effectively guiding and translating the Voice of your True Self in a palpable way for you to work with. While holding the golden thread of empowered insight with you, together we will reveal, release & receive whatever is necessary to unfold and sustain the embodiment of your divine potential.

A mental & emotional detox process can occur as old identifications fall away and new expansive perception arises. This is where a guide is crucial to navigate the death of the old & resurrection of the new form to sustain the frequency shift out of lifetime patterns

The Resurrection Process
~ Mentoring and Training ~

What you get:

I create custom tailored experiences, initiations & protocols so that your capacity to live your purpose and thrive on this planet is increased exponentially.

You will receive the support of a devoted guide, consistent container & cutting edge transformation tools. This full mentorship also includes:

• Assessment, Intentions & Goal Setting.
• Personalized 75-90 minute Weekly Sessions – intuitive coaching, initiations, guided journeys, rituals, lucid inquiry, ‘Higher Self’ engagement & messages
• A Personalized audio guided meditation recorded by Amoraea just for you, to practice daily, based on our first Skype session….
• Personalized written tailored practices & protocols to keep you ‘Igniting Your Phoenix’ in between our sessions, assessed & reconfigured each month
• Action Steps & Accountability to Your Goals.
• Long-distance Energy Attunements & Readings
• Emergency calls & assistance when you are faced with immediate challenges
• Access to all of my audio guided meditations as well, to keep you going with core level activations and healing journeys to unravel different aspects of your patterns and limitations.
• Closing Ceremony & next steps guidance

Choose from 3, 6, and 12 month modules

with a ‘Live Your Legacy’ session

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Are you ready to master:

• How to SHIFT negativity, victim mentality & disempowering thought cycles
• How to GROUND your revelations & inner growth into the rest of your life
• How to MANIFEST financial independence while living from your Dharma & Soul Purpose
• How to CULTIVATE your own Source for love, support & blissful fulfillment
• How to INVEST & live from your dreams to become a Reality Creator
• How to INFUSE your Soul’s truth into your every day relationships & business
• How to SURRENDER into Divine Communion with your innermost Essence as the Heart of God

I clearly elucidate what your roadblocks to spiritual growth are and provide empowering processes to breakthrough into your BRILLIANCE

Want the FAST TRACK?

Work with amoraea in a private one-on-one live immersion
in Bali, Australia or Kauai


Amoraea facilitates the resurrection process of your Divine Human potential ~ consciously waking your Soul essence down into the very fibers of your human experience. Integrating the higher dimensions of your being results in a full re-alignment of your relation with all Life and empowers your transformational impact in the world.