Bali Immersion

7-Day Private Initiation

Time to Live your Legacy and
Become the embodied God/dess
you were reborn to be

Within the majestic Sacred Lotus Lands of Bali,
your Resurrection awaits….

Come Activate & Ignite the Alchemical Codes
That open your Divine Human Potential

From the ashes of doubt, fear, & stagnancy, the Phoenix inside you is waiting to be unleashed, that knows freedom is not just a concept, that is a Superconductor of your life energy & transcends the self-judgments that often derail your Soul’s intentions

Bali’s breath-giving Mana has the perfect conditions to catalyze your potential, power & purpose

Receive 7 Soul-igniting days of initiations, ceremonies, frequency upgrades, potent tools, & nature activations to spread your Phoenix Wings.

Your 7-Day Phoenix Code Retreat Includes

• Accommodations in a beautiful villa ensconced in the jungle near a river
• Three luscious organic meals a day
• Priest/ess Temple Arts training & immersion in a ritual container
• Multiple tailored alchemical ceremonies to Ignite the Phoenix within you
• Three Half-Day Excursions to secret nature portals & sacred temples
• Initiations, ecstatic breathwork & guided shamanic journeys
• ‘Genesis Alchemy’ intuitive movement explorations, Chi Gong & other embodiment practices
• Nurturing and cultivating processes to replenish your YIN energy

In addition to our time together in the Magical Lotus Lands, you will also receive:

• Written protocols, practices & techniques to sustain the experiences at home
• Integration sessions upon request as part of a package

Access the Living Libraries of Gaia in Bali

Within you are specific Evolutionary Codes ~ dormant potentials that can be activated through resonance with Gaia, the living presence of our Earth. Our immersion focuses on waking up the Living Libraries within your own being to move into holographic symbiotic communion with Earth~Gaia~Creation. You carry vast worlds within that are intended for sharing as frequencies with Gaia, that they will open an interactivational field of emergence together.

If you are ready to dissolve your inner veils & breakthrough into your brilliance, then let Bali initiate your Resurrection.

For 7 Soul-Igniting days, you will:

• Co-create Ceremonial Space & Ritual, in our temple & in Bali’s sacred nature portals
• Establish clear alignment with your Essence & Its direct guidance for your unfolding spiritual path.
• Face your inner demons, fears & separation from Source
• Open up to your multi-dimensional capacities
• Free yourself from Habitual Programming
• Receive & work with the ‘Mana’ or sacred energy of Bali
• Attune to your Original Vibration

You will fly away home with fire-blazing passion to:

• Reframe your life, your purpose & your mission from the ‘Divine Human’ perspective.
• Find new inspiration, depth, & definition of your work on the planet
• Use your new practices & breakthrough processes for turning on the frequency of bliss.
• Clear & Upgrade your Circuitry so that you are living from your Divine Sovereignty
• Remember the art of Lucid Dreaming your life awake as a Reality Creator
• Use the Recipe for birthing the ‘Divine Human’ in you & other tools to sustain your awakening amidst the patterns and chaos


Your whole body and soul longs to become a tuning rod for your community, planet and Spirit at large. You wish to experience all life as holy and leverage each action for higher
consciousness and unconditional love within all beings around you. You likely are from an ancient order that has no name and transcends the bounds of time.

• This Initiation is for those encoded with the urge to bust free of the Matrix and live from radical freedom at all costs, to leave a legacy for all Humanity.
• The Phoenix Code is a wake up for those stepping into embodied leadership as Ambassadors of the New Earth and those holding the gates open for others to walk through.
• This Initiation is for those courageous enough to dance with their shadows in the flickering flames, churning & burning with desire to unleash their potential.
• It is for those who have heard the inner calling but have been unsure how to engage it, been lonely, or are still in the ashes of self-worth issues.
• It is for those seeking next-level expansion, creating powerful inner foundations to sustain their highest frequency.
• The Phoenix Code is for those born for something immense, ready for initiations that will activate their Soul’s Unique Code, and are calling in the courage to live from it…

How will I be held through this Resurrection process?

We all love the idea of resurrection ~ now come have a true breakthrough experience that catapults you beyond your inner walls.

You are entering through Temple Gates when you arrive to Bali and the sacred container of the Phoenix Code Process.

• We invoke the ancient art of Initiation, an alchemical process to raise you through successive stages of embodied mastery, inner freedom & mystical connection to Life.
• We invoke Divine Innocence, so you feel held by all life and trust the tide
• We invoke the rich, fertile space where you can access your infinite inner resources and sovereign ways to nourish your Self
• We invoke a collective midwifing for our Inner Child to bloom into Sacred Mystic

Your feelings are your direct access into the realm of Frequency, Intuition and the Infinite Playground of your energy bodies ~ come be in a safe exploratory space to access more dimensions of Self and the subtle ecstasies of Life.

You will find the resonance of HOME and rise as a Phoenix

Are you ready to recreate your story and live from a mythic expression of your True Essence?

Come meet the ONE in the mirror….