~ Level 1 Training ~

Sacred Mirrors are souls who reflect one another’s divine expression and provide a window to intimate communion beyond ego, category & earthbound limits.

You are part of a collective catalyst shifting the orientation to how humans love. Though scary at times as you dissolve your outdated conditioning, in the fabric of your being is embedded the same legacy of (r)Evolutionary Love that True Masters of the Heart like Jeshua, Magdalene, Rumi, and others incarnated to awaken for the planet.

Return to the Temple of the Beloved Within

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: The core of this training’s intention is for personal mastery, stabilizing in higher states of Unity Consciousness, and merging with the Divine.  No relationship will be truly fulfilling until we come into more intimate contact with our own Soul, as well as heal our own patterns, agendas, unhealthy attachments & distorted views of relationship. Every human longs for more Soul Intimacy and remembers deep inside relationship as a doorway to Divine Love.

This immersion is for everyone, in or out of romantic relationship, who senses the potential for more soulful connection & multi-dimensional communion with Self, others & the Divine.

Receive transformational tools, sacred yet practical techniques, experiences and rituals that will re-wire your capacity for embodying love and sharing what you’ve always desired in both romantic relations and friendships alike, ultimately becoming a radiant force of love for humanity

Awaken Love Beyond Boundaries
through these 10 Alchemical Processes

True Tantra of the Soul

Learn directly how to raise into higher states of consciousness and meet others in Soul Space by learning ‘The Sacred Triangle’

Temple of the Beloved Within

Transform what has kept you from offering your entire being at the Altar of the Divine and living from Open Heart Ecstasy

Ceremony of Innocence

Crack the code of the Masculine / Feminine Split by making peace and healing wounds of All Relations for yourself & Collective Humanity

Invocation of Sovereignty

Align to your core essence & truth, where Unconditional Love is shared from pure undiluted wholeness, stripped of all games, needs & role playing

Supreme Self-Love

Discover where all roads of Love lead back to through the immaculate embrace and honor of your own Self

The Art of Transparency

Express what you truly wish to communicate by revealing your essence and create foundations of energetic trust


Face the hidden sabotages that steal your power & clarity so you can live from radical openness & intuitive heart guidance

Sacred Contracts

Renew the holy vows to your Self (and another if in relationship), empowering you to also truly devote to those you love from mutual honoring and wholeness

Genesis Alchemy

Learn how to generate and direct kundalini within you through 2 sacred ecstatic practices that are a Self-Tantra, and can ultimately be used with others

Sacred Passion

Open the secrets of devotion, adoration, ecstatic surrender and the fire of the Sacred Heart. Embody the mysterious revelation that our heart is the fundamental key to the Enlightened State

Investment in your evolution: usually $350
Discount special : $300

move through the course whenever you are ready

The Deep Work : Revealing Victimhood & Patterns

When you are ‘awake’, every single relation is designed to show you where you are still in victimhood, power struggle or ‘giving in order to get’ something… I’ve formulated a lucid set of practices to discover where you compromise, defend & disempower in relationships of all forms.  These are the great unveilings that will psychologically re-orient you from your Old Story of Love to the New Glory of Sovereignty, where Unconditional Love truly radiates from.  When we strip ourselves of the defenses & wounds to love, we experience a radical freedom to share our hearts intimately & open to the ecstasy of communion in all its facets.

By nature of true ‘Whole being transformation’, this training is designed to be confronting, as you will face all the subconscious ways you have been denying love in your life, playing out wounds and Old imprints, and stagnating in muddy waters in your heart, body and thought forms. I guarantee an extraordinary success story for those who truly show up and are all the way in, as you reset to Original innocence and embody ‘Awakened Love.’

Loving beyond agendas, remaining in surrendered heart space, expressing our authentic feelings transparently, and cultivating sacred energies with others are the gold of Spiritually Awakened Relationships.  These rewards are earned when we free ourselves from old stories, wounds, commitment phobias, games of the heart, need to control, hooking mechanisms, avoidant tactics, selfish narcissistic interactions, and spellbinding limitations of co-dependency.  Then the true work of SPIRIT can initiate us into Sacred Communion

15 Hours of engaging Video Transmissions, 40 pages of Ebooks &
5 Audio journeys assisting you to:

Practice & attain higher states of soul awareness & Union with the Divine

Re-consecrate ALL your Relationships to a higher level

Cultivate sovereignty, trust, transparency & empowerment

Connect to your & another’s Soul Essence

Initiate deeper Authentic Soulful Communication

Release contracts, sabotaging & defensive belief systems around Love

Bust agendas & perceptions trapping you within relations

We fear what we desire the most ~ Love

Love is the greatest risk we will ever take. Every time we marry our hearts to another being (be they our Beloved, our child or our friend…) we begin to dance with loss, fears, betrayal, change and dissolution. But when we keep extending the bridge between our hearts in order to merge, we begin a profound form of alchemy — we integrate these fears of loss, attachment and defense to transcend them. Only then do we embody the reality that Love is infinite and beyond death or duality.

Evolutionary Love transcends categories

True ‘Tantra of the Soul’ can be shared with anyone.  I have focused my entire life on merging in radical states of love beyond boundaries with friends and lovers alike.  I have multiple beings that I consistently practice entering ‘spiritual states’ with where we become one another’s Sacred Mirrors into higher realms of Soul Union & wider depths of intimate entrusted sharing. 

The secret is in the Sacred Triangle, where all is offered at the Altar of the Divine ~ the 3rd entity within the dyad.  The Divine offers the miracle of true communion when two are gathered in service to Love, joined and surrendered in Oneness, in romantic and friendly connections alike.  All that is not love is revealed vibrationally and offered to be transmuted. 

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Sacred Mirrors Training

15 hours of Video sessions

These training modules take you through a progression of awakening Soul awareness, sharing with others & clearing blockages

6 Audio Guided Meditations

Over 2 hours of in-depth audio journeys to maximize your experience and assist you each week in Soul Awareness + relationship

BONUS: ‘Alchemical Marriage’ Module

From my 8-Week Soul Alchemy Training ~ 2 hour video, 4 page PDF & 20-minute guided audio meditation ($65 value)

40 pages of Integrative eBooks

Receive additional homework, techniques and post-integrations to sustain your transformation

5 Core take-away guided practices

5 Core take-away guided practices to do with anyone forever after the course to establish deep sharing, heart intimacy & Soul connection.

BONUS: Divine Blueprint Course

Receive my entire 65-page full-color (digital) Divine Blueprint Course Manual ($33 value)

BONUS: Private Session with Amoraea

Advance your breakthrough with a full 75-minute counseling/transformational session with Amoraea for $100 instead of $144

Investment in your evolution: now $300 instead of $350
Partners can do with you for free

Watch these video snippets from a previous livestream to explore the Training

Play Video
What Does True Surrender taste like? (12 min)

When we burn the candle from both ends, a radical opening to the Love Intelligence will change our lives

Play Video
Offering Our Love to the GodForce for Evolution (4 min)
Here is an incredible account of where Love is seeking to master us & transform our species through the way we relate

Format + What to expect

All of Amoraea’s Trainings are professionally produced on the ‘Thinkific’ teaching platform, with easy access to all your resources in one place that tracks your progression through the materials.  Each module is broken down into multiple video wisdom teachings, transformational tools, sacred yet practical techniques, interactive experiences and rituals.  Each module you will be given homework/practices, written wisdom, and audio guided meditations to further integrate. The course is easily laid out for you to pick up wherever you left off.

How is this course different than others??

This is not a course only for couples, nor is it for singles only calling in their ‘Twin Flame.’  This is for ALL ready to place their whole being on the altar of love, to increase the intensity of their communion with the Divine, themselves and everyone in their lives, romantic and otherwise

You will learn what other schools and tantra classes don’t teach – how to attain higher states of consciousness and unite in soul presence with ANYONE

Seeing through the Eyes of Love

Your heart’s capacity to love is vastly amplified when you can see anyone at the level of their Soul.  This is a practice that actually invites others to join you in that frequency rather than you descending down to theirs (sound familiar?)

Some of us have touched extremely deep timeless and true alchemical love within our partnering.  But it seems to happen rarely, without a way to consciously conjure it in our relatings.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to be fearless and skillful to invoke it?? 

The Sacred Mirrors Immersion brings you inspiring guidelines and skillsets to initiate this in any of your relations, and be unbounded in your experience & expression of Divine Love.

Love is not contractual. When it is truly present, your identity dissolves mutually with the other person…you consciously let go of identity together and allow Love’s Presence to develop within you by meeting love on its terms, not on your own terms…


Amoraea has facilitated over 20 transformational retreats, founded a successful retreat center and event temple in Kaua’i, offers global experiences in Soul Awareness, is a successful musician, visionary artist and author.

Amoraea has dedicated the last 20 years teaching ‘Soul Awareness,’ leading initiations, trainings & ceremonies where the Soul can both take flight and ground Its Light ~ the integrated embodiment so deeply needed at this time.  By recognizing we hold the keys to our own transformation and enlightenment, his focus is on providing tools and experiences that release the Inner Master within each of us.

Amoraea’s entire adult life has been dedicated to exploring true Tantra of the Soul with others as a pathway to enlightenment.  He has helped hundreds experience Self-Realization as well as spiritual intimacy with themselves and others by reconnecting to their Divine Presence.

Drawing from an immersive 25 years into the alchemical secrets of inner transformation from ancient tantric lineages, shamanic healing, quantum energetic principles & Soul-centered transpersonal psychology, it is with honor that he offers himself as your guide into the SOULuminessence process.


We are honored to have Ilona Selke, an incredibly special guest, for 2 of the 5 Weeks. Ilona and Amoraea have been dedicated to one another’s Soul Ascension, practicing together for 17 years, the higher levels of Soul Union and Tantra.

Here’s what Ilona shares about the topics she will offer:
“Having and being a ‘Soulmate’ requires that you become aware of the Seat of your Soul, your Soul Star, AND are able to merge with this Soul Star of another into unity. This journey will take you into ultimate Oneness, not just two humans connecting, but into Oneness with the Divine and Eternity.

It allows you to practice mastering time-space until you no longer identify with the confines of what we believe to be ourselves and what we believe to be our world. Join us in an exhilarating liberation process where Amoraea and I will share with you our journey and practical processes into Oneness, so you can also transcend destiny and fate, and become a vessel of service to the Divine.”

Ilona Selke is an internationally bestselling author, seminar leader, lecturer, musician and CEO/co-founder of Living from Vision, a company she has been running with her husband for over 30 years, since 1988, as well as the owner and creator of the Shambala Retreat Center on the north-shore of Bali. She and her husband owned a dolphin research boat in Florida for over 10 years, and lived by a dolphin beach in Hawaii for 12 years. She wrote about her extraordinary dolphin research in two of her books. Over 30+ years, Ilona has inspired thousands of people worldwide to discover the power of their consciousness, to understand and apply quantum understanding of our universe. She teaches step by step how to apply the quantum principles to create a successful life. For more information, visit www.IlonaSelke.com and www.LivingFromVision.com.

The Sacred Passion of the Mystics

Beings like Christ, Rumi, Krishna and Gandhi all lived with an intensity of love that poured out of their hearts and dissolved boundaries instantly.  Passion for radical opening and submitting to the Love Intelligence that seeks to bring us all home in true freedom is the ‘Lightning Path.’

Learn practices that re-ignite the Transformational Fire of Love in your body, heart and soul.  Dissolve the limitations that have kept you playing a lesser version of yourself in connections.

When we place the SOUL first as our focus inside, every relating becomes a potential doorway to rich, fulfilling communion and spiritual evolution


Thank you so much Amoraea for this Sacred Mirror training opportunity. I found it to be a deeply transformative body of work, ripened by your life of devotion and true inquiry into the nature of love itself, distilled into potent practices on how to share that inner sanctuary with the divine Other in service to the One. Such a gift !!
Your capacity to give voice to the indescribable Oneness creates a strong foundation to go through the many varied meditations and processes you offer to bring us home to Self Mastery. This is a true transmission of diamond clarity and wisdom.
Personally I found the Sacred Mirrors course deepened my commitment to bringing Presence and love into every interaction. I would highly recommend this container to anyone wishing to learn this art of Self sourcing sovereignty.

Miranda Denner

    Preparation for ‘Soul Union’ with a partner

    We all have an encoded blueprint in us of ‘Soul Union,’ though it evades most like a lingering fantasy, an archetypal dream instead of a fulfilled reality.  Intimate relationships have the potential for astoundingly accelerated transformation and spiritual evolution, but many run into crippling conflicts or stagnant zones that seem impassable. 

    A sense of sacred connection may have been exciting and apparent at the beginning, but the flame has not sustained nor cultivated to bring you into the ever-expanding depth that is possible within a ‘Sacred marriage’ or true ‘Soul Union’ as we hear about in ‘Twin Flames’

    In the realm of romantic relationships, you will learn how to interpenetrate and braid the helix of your essence with your partner, and have immeasurably more powerful and fulfilling connection that will unified heart—body—mind into Soul Fusion… for a genuine Tantric experience

    Ultimately, I am training you how to be in a tantric love affair with all Creation, as we come to realize the ‘Beloved’ is everywhere and in everyone!

    Exchange for the 5-Week Course and all bonuses: now $300

    Do with your partner at no extra cost! 
    Increase your Soul Intimacy together in the Sacred Mirrors Immersion.

    Therapists. counselors. healers & social workers: this course will TRANSFORM your work

    Learn to master meeting your clients at the Soul level and increasing the frequency of your sessions, thus allowing for more healing and activation to happen. The depth of ‘Transmission’ through your presence takes on a whole new level, and is at the heart of my own results with clients. As you anchor into your own masterful soul awareness, you engage people in a radically more elevated position that can transform your effectiveness and achieve results you may not have known were possible!

    The First in a Series

    This is Level 1 in a series of integrative Trainings that progressively ground our embodiment as Emissaries of Awakened Love. For those committed to the Radical Freedom and Universal Sovereignty that Awakened Love brings, we will move through 3 Online 5-Week Trainings to explore and practice engaging progressively deeper states of Soul Union, dynamic energetics (kundalini) through our physical and ‘Light’ bodies, and anchoring our group Soul space as an experimental container for what is possible as ‘Divine Humans’ in co-creation.  We will also progressively continue to strip down the illusory conditional forms of co-dependancy, belief models and role-playing that masquerade as Love.

    When our communities begin exploring Soul-realized union beyond the bounds of cultural conditioning, we will anchor a new template for evolutionary love that will transform the species. The preparation for this of course begins within the seed of our own hearts making a radical shift and embracing the totality of our being as a vessel for the Divine that can be shared and consecrated with anyone willing to meet in sacred communion… NOT JUST romantic partners!

    Level 2 Training
    To Be Announced…

    Level 3 Training
    To Be Announced…

    Once fully committed to, the magnetic draw of our own Soul shapes a clear path, coaxing us ever onward, to be Mastered by Love. Join me in laying your Heart on the Altar of the Divine, as we each contribute to one another’s Ascension beyond boundaries in this Training.


    I cannot speak more highly of Amoraea and his transformational soul work. My own personal journey with him in the past 12 years has assisted me in creating luminous transformations on various levels. He is what you call a rare master healer and a pure clear cosmic channel of light, with a depth of wisdom, embodiment of his mastery, and lifetimes of experience in Soul alchemy and empowerment.
    When I joined Sacred Mirror training with Amoraea, I was in awe of the depth of the transmission that was offered each class: the richness of experiential learning with a variety of partnered exercises and the most exquisite audios to practice at home.
    The space that was created via the virtual portal of zoom felt like a nourishing oasis for the soul. After each session, I felt a deepening of the commitment to all of my relationships and a sense of reverence for all who are in my life as Sacred Mirrors. I recommend this program to anyone who longs for a deeper intimacy with life, with their own heart, and with others.
    Katerina Satori
    Sacred Mirrors training is high level material for those who thirst to dedicate themselves to a path of evolving and self-empowering that is way past the norm in the human experience. It is presented in a way that supports your steps and greatly informs your awareness of what being a human in relationship is all about. You will learn more than you planned to and be grateful for having done so. Life will be bigger as a result. Amoraea is a fine fine teacher and exemplar of what he shares.
    Muriel Lindsay
    The Sacred Mirrors training was a generous and substantial program, with great value, and included wonderful, deep guided meditations, original processes and tools to help resolve psychic patterns that get in the way of fulfilling and rich relating. What I found most interesting and useful was Amoraea's sophisticated understanding of healthy relating and the talks that developed this material. I have recommended his work to several clients and friends.
    Gina Bloom
    The Sacred Mirrors Course with Amoraea is the most evolutionary course I’ve come across providing the tools, wisdoms and practices to invite the space of divine union within our selves and then with another. From the very first meditation I could feel the hydraulics of my Soul pulling me up into its light and the centrifugal force down, spiraling up and around my field! I had body surges and started seeing visions before sleep time and my dreams became more shamanic and Grace filled with wisdoms.
    I have had massive upgrades in my heart and soul and feel I’ve reclaimed my heart space from previous relationship dynamics that were unhealthy! I’ve come into a more integrated union with my own soul and source and feel more bliss and stability and knowings.
    I feel Grace filled to have Amoraea as such a skilled guide to surfing the higher realms of our soul and accessing more sacred containers and soulful communication techniques that if I would have been proficient in at earlier times relationships would have risen instead of become burnt in the purifying fire of loves flames!
    Hailey Dawn Armstrong
    This course was amazing! It cracked me open out of my shell and I felt birthed into my higher expanded self. I will never be the same, because once you start to wake up the larger truer versions of yourself you can’t just go back to sleep! This course helped me to transform my relationships, so I could better understand my connection to those souls and interact in more harmonious ways. Life changing! Thank you!!!!
    Amoraea has a gift for facilitating experiential exercises designed to access core essence in an articulate empowered embodied manner calling forth the remembrance of awakening. He creates a clear and safe container to explore inner & outer dimensions, shedding obstructions and cultivating greater levels of coherence and refinement for tapping into our divine nature individually and collectively.
    Deborah Dove