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Awaken Soul Awareness and access the 10 Keys of Consciousness

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Activate your supreme potential using the Phoenix Code
Resurrect the innate guidance of your Soul
Perceive reality from a higher vantage point
Use these free gifts to discern where your Soul’s compass points and start to live from a more multidimensional version of yourself.

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Discover the Keys to your Inner Soul’s Light

Free Full-Color E-Book:

The 10 KEYS to Ignite the Phoenix Code

  • Discover where you are at in the 10 evolutionary principles of Self-Mastery and what 3 specific shadows you can use to “rise from the ashes.”
  • Utilize the 10 Keys of consciousness to leverage your life choices towards excellence.
  • Move from victimhood to full authority, sovereignty and self-responsibility.

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Free Audio Meditation:

Radiant Force
of Love

  • A guided meditation that sets the foundation for living from Soul Awareness and accessing the higher dimensions of existence.
  • A pathway to enhance your connection to the Quantum Field and perceive reality from a higher vantage point.
  • Keep your self in focus, radiate more light, and harness your ‘Divine Blueprint’ through this core practice.

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Free 35-minute Video:

Soul Mastery and Aligning with True Will

This video is both an explanation and an Inquiry into how your alignment with your Will influences all of your relationships. In this short but packed video about True Will, you will come to:
  • Understanding Will as the medium of the Soul’s Truth in Action
  • Learn how to strengthen the connection to your inner authority.
  • Discover where you are stuck in agendas or energetic bargaining.

Stay connected to more of Amoraca’s free
offerings and livestreams

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