“There are healers and then there are Master Healers in this world. I would say Amoraea facilitates the most divine life-changing healings of healers. I have come to know and work with Amoraea over 6 years in private long distance sessions. These sessions have been transformational and powerful for me with long term permanent changes. Those things, thoughts, feelings, and connections that where impeding my growth literally have dissolved. Amoraea is so finely tuned in to source and his energy medicine is potent and penetrates deep and is able to get to the seed of the issue.”

Margarita Houllis
“Amoraeas work takes one deep into an initiatory journey of self discovery, reclamation, transformation, and becoming. He has a refined ability to tune into subtle aspects and guide an individual through a comprehensive and well articulated journey. I personally have experienced deep transformation and revelation in both the group ceremonies and with 1-1 sessions. I highly recommend working direct with Amoraea and being guided through an amazing process of self-realization.”

“My experience of Amoraea’s facilitation has consistently (and I say this as I’ve been to a handful of ceremonies since Dec of 2012) been a shamanistic experience. I see Amoraea as a grace agent sent by my deep dreamer to invoke and awaken the places inside myself where I’m shyly toying with or boldly exploring. I see him as an essential force of nature that brings to light that which needs reconciling or nourishment or pounds the bullshit compost into the ground where it belongs. All of it an invitation to be resourced within self and fully empowered to be that embodiment of the Divine which is our birthright. I trust this man so completely and any who get the honor of working with him are receiving a tremendously well-cultivated gift!

Mahalo Ke Akua Amoraea for the many gifts that you share. May all beings continue to benefit from this good work.”


“Amoraea’s Primoridal Womb Ceremony provided yet another critical link in my healing. I had no expectations but found myself receiving surprising information about my own birth and why I carry some of the wounds I do — and then experienced the soothing of those wounds as the ceremony progressed and we accessed the Divine Feminine. The portal Amoraea creates by his sheer presence, voice and teachings is profound; I and others went into a deep altered state in which we received a great deal of information about ourselves, the world, and the Cosmos. It was like a breathwork session without the heavy breathing or a medicine session without the drugs — but all very gentle, inspiring, and moving. I received profound messages for myself and the world, and am happily integrating all that in my life and work. I strongly recommend this experience for any serious spiritual seeker or world server, including men. It’s a profound gift you can give to yourself and the planet.”

Marguerite Rigoglioso , Ph.D - Founding Director, Seven Sisters Mystery School
“During the final ceremony in the Phoenix Code Retreat, I felt my own Divine nature so strongly after you helped unblock me in my lower chakras. Finally my Spirit decided to allow full release from the frustration, difficulty, and depression for the last few years. You really helped free me from a deep soul pain and the densities of this plane, which had felt crushing to me. I am so deeply grateful to you for that, thank you. These days my life is really flowing again, and I am feeling light and free and clear almost all of the time.”

“Amoraea’s greatest gift is in creating a high frequency space of integrity, truth and love for you to open to deep communion with yourself and your own God presence. Be it thru ceremony, personal healing sessions, his art or his music, Amoraea’s humbleness and dedication in opening to his own mastery allows him to also see and recognize you at your highest level and thus reflect this to you. He remembers and knows who you truly are and is able to help you open and access these pathways to your own wisdom and remembrance.”

Katherine Cross

“I’ve participated in well over two dozen group ceremonies facilitated by Amoraea and each one of them was an incredible and unique experience. I’ve experienced the radiance and peace of my pure being in these ceremonies, healed physical imbalances, and much more that can’t possibly be expressed! Amoraea creates and holds a sacred space of pure love and light where anyone who enters therein will experience a greater harmonization of their being, a tangible experience of their own pure love and light, and take a giant leap in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual unfoldment.”

Timothy Stuetz, Master of Ancient Arts and Sacred Sciences, Chief Executive Officer of “Transformations”
“My session with Amoraea was life-changing. I had been struggling with being more in my body and grounded for pretty much my whole life. That coupled with the subconscious fear of not belonging and of rejection led me to feeling at times like I don’t want to be here.

I’ve been exploring many modalities from Eastern to Western and far and beyond, found this to be the most holistic and tangibly helpful experience to date. Specifically, post-session, I feel much more whole– truly as if aspects of my soul have returned back to my being.

Amoraea’s facilitation and guidance was spot-on in providing the holding and support that I needed throughout. It’s quite remarkable how fluid he is in channeling many different energies. I was humbled by the reverence and deep care that he exudes. I can’t recommend his work enough.”

Diana Jia - Intuitive Business Strategist

“I have been in many ceremonies, including Yage (Ayahuasca) in the Americas, and this was by far one of the most effective and cherished. A million thanks for the incredible journey you led us on last night. It was truly a profound and powerful experience that I will carry with me on this process of self-remembrance and empowerment that I have come back for. I loved every moment, the beauty of the space and your divine gifts. I am forever grateful, and I feel a deep and profound shift within myself, of which I have been asking for for the Heavens during this important time in my life. The essence of the Seed of the Tree of Life was a gift, and I am so grateful to have received. May it continue to imbue my soul and body, and activate my life’s purpose with clarity and guidance.”

Pantera - Artist

“Amoraea is a true Master of Ceremonies. His ceremonies are creative, potent, original, multi-faceted, surprising. Amoraea is adept at alchemically combining words, visuals, music, movements, elixirs, dance, theater, and sacred artifacts. With Amoraea, I am able to completely surrender. With him, I know that I will go on an actual journey of expansion and oneness – to a place I can see, feel, and taste. I lose the need to know whether what I experience is real or un-real. What matters is that I am seduced. Amoraea has the ability to awaken true imagination, which for me is the precursor of new knowledge.”

Steven Starenko

“Having been in a state of post traumatic syndrome and bodily injury due to a bad car crash, just coming out of a two year cycle of extreme challenge, my Phoenix Code initiation with Amoraea provided the portal to launch with unsurpassed depth into intrinsic wholeness and intimate connection with myself again.
I was overcome by the safety net and field of love in which to release and receive an honest to goodness, masterful healing.”

Rene, Visionary and Videographer

“Amoraea is a very gifted healer. He channeled through messages which brought me to tears, releasing emotional baggage I had been carrying for a long time which was costing me emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Amoraea is so tuned into what my soul needs to hear. I feel I broke through ancestral ties which were holding me back and keeping me small—all stemming from deep fears. I feel lifted and expanded way beyond what I have ever experienced. I feel euphoric and ready to really step up into my light and into love. My first healing session was different to anything I had ever experienced before in taking me into the deep places where stagnation released and then up to such amazing heights to help me realize my magnificence.”

Georgina Wilson - Transformational coach and Writer
“Amoraea walks this earth consciously connected to and one with his divinity. He is an adept master of frequency and vibration and he activates healing, higher consciousness and Soul acceleration for each one present. Each circle is a cosmic journey into other realms and dimensions that I believe facilitates change cellularly and within the very structure of the DNA.”
An-Ra-Nae, Alchemical Priestess & Founder of ‘Joyous Transformations’ Healing and ‘Mystic Journey OM’ alchemical oils

“Amoraea is a true Shamangelic Wizard, using all available modalities and frequencies to dispense deep Archetypal codes for alchemical transformation of Consciousness on this Planet. His work is a must for any explorer and seeker of the deeper wisdom and meanings of existence.”

Eugene A. Alliende, MFT