The Calling

Soul-infused, spiritually driven Life Mastery

Blazing new evolutionary pathways within you requires powerful tools and support to move through old wounds, entangled beliefs, and any level of victimhood until you become a Resurrected One living from a state of continual rebirth.  I am here assisting in that discovery of your own essential core who has boundless inner resources to live from your legacy.

The Phoenix Code is for those seeking next-level expansions in creating powerful inner foundations to sustain their highest frequency.  In me, you have a dedicated guide walking with you through your revelations & awakenings as well as your deepest shadows, to open the fearless path towards your destiny.

This power of YES at the Soul level enlists every force necessary to overcome the energetic hurdles that have been holding you back from living fully, turn you into an evolutionary leader of whatever niche you are called to & create clear alignment with your essence.

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How could the Phoenix Code Transform you?

* Discover your unique soul codes for stepping into core power & purpose to accelerate the Golden Age
* Finally face your inner demons, fears & separation from Source
* Bust through the seal or subconscious limit on how much bliss, activation & frequency you choose to experience.
* Tap into your body & mind’s power to self-heal, regenerate, and be guided by Universal Intelligence.
* Step into embodied leadership as a New Earth Ambassador and hold the gates open for others to walk through.
* Sustain your highest potential & truly live from your vision
* Unleash the Genius & tap the ‘Flow State’ more consistently

From our Work Together you will:

* Open up to your multi-dimensional capacities & senses
* Free yourself from Habitual Programming
* Find new inspiration, depth, & definition of your work on the planet
* Clear & Upgrade your Circuitry so that you are living from your Divine Sovereignty
* Remember the art of Lucid Dreaming your life awake as a Reality Creator
* Learn tools to sustain your awakening amidst the patterns & chaos

“When we are operating in deep resonance & alignment with who we truly are and what our deepest purpose is, then our personal fulfillment & level of impact increases exponentially.”