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The Phoenix Code is a process of initiation designed to resurrect the innate guidance of your Soul and activate your supreme potential so that you can be set free as a conscious co-creator of the New Earth.

The Egyptians called such a being ‘Twice Born’.  Extraordinary healing naturally happens from this state ~ your embodied radiance will naturally evoke transformation, liberation from lifetime patterns, and upleveling of all parts of your life.

From this inner space, you will translate your deepest visions into tangible manifestations, freeing your most authentic expression, power & impact in the world so you can fulfill your purpose and experience what you truly desire.

Resurrect the Reality Creator Within

Drawing from an immersive 25 years into the alchemical secrets of inner transformation from ancient tantric lineages, shamanic healing, quantum energetic principles & Soul-centered transpersonal psychology, it is with honor that I offer myself as your guide into the Resurrection process.

Through these ancient sacred teachings, empowerment rituals, meta-programming principles & inner technologies for liberating your essence, you will feel more radiant, clear, balanced, courageous and purposeful to live authentically from your Truth.

Together with compassionate clarity, we discover the source frequency of your fears & insecurities, address both the unconscious & conscious ways they are holding you back & actively transform them to emerge out of victimhood into the Reality Creator state.

Soul Mastery

A Modern Mystery School delivered in a series of Light-Code Activations, ceremonies & quantum jumps in consciousness that follow the original 7 ‘Operations of Alchemy.’ Discover your true power, accelerate through core lifetime limitations, and become an Advanced Reality Creator to awaken true stages of freedom.



Entrain to the Miracle Frequency, discover how to Create Reality from the inside out & live from the higher intelligence of your I AM Presence. Dissolve your fixed identity, look deeper into your Soul’s purpose, understand the Matrix of Creation & synchronize the highest timelines of your ultimate destiny.


Sacred Mirrors

Sacred Mirrors are souls who reflect one another’s divine expression and provide a window to intimate communion beyond ego, category & earthbound limits. Reveal your core subconscious limitations to experiencing radical love and discover how to share Soul-based awareness with anyone.


Discover where your Soul Compass is pointing you to embody, refine & empower

Our first Session will uncover where your Soul’s Compass is pointed and what you need to harness inside towards its fulfillment. Then our work can BEGIN:

• Clear the confusion around your Life Journey & discover the next steps to take
• Reveal core patterns & turn them to ashes for your Resurrection
• Learn Quantum Manifestation principles for true life fulfillment
• Crystalize the Unique Quintessential Soul Code you were reborn to awaken
• Open gates of consciousness to liberate you from your limited viewpoints
• Activate new energetics & frequencies within your LightBody

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What does it mean to break free from the Matrix?

The process of alchemy requires us to cleanse the dross and dissolve the veils by first recognizing the ways we’ve been unconsciously playing in ‘The Matrix.’  Our minds have been hijacked, and whether we see that as inner programs or outer influences trapping us from living our purest potential, there is only one way to truly free ourselves: re-connect to an anchor from our quintessential presence that lives outside of these patterns… break free from the Matrix of illusion within and without.  Source your own power.

Liberate yourself ~ resurrect your primal Soul power

Genuine Soul Awareness changes the game of Life at every level.  Access, communion & embodiment of your Soul ~ this is what all Ancient Teachings and Mystery Schools are dedicated to.  You may not think it is the solution to all of your problems ~  you want a more grounded concrete answer to your challenges.  But Self-actualizing your Soul into your body IS the concrete process, literally solidifying the alchemical potential of all your dreams into reality.  You will then be fully equipped to navigate your life, deal with your very real challenges, and in truth, attract higher vibrational experiences that don’t deplete and weigh you down.

Soul-infused, spiritually driven Life Mastery


My passion for awakening our ‘Divine Human’ potential has led to a treasury of embodied teachings and events for personal transformation as well as ministering the evolution of the species. I currently reside in Bali and am the Founder of the Eternal Flame Sanctuary, Retreat & Temple of Initiation. I’m also a Visionary Artist, Meta-Musician & Author. Please visit my other website for these offerings and my Divine Human Blueprint course manual.

What if you had someone to Initiate you through a series of revolutions in your consciousness, clarify where your weaknesses are and help embody your mythic story you dreamed long ago as a Soul?

I have developed a comprehensive system weaving the modalities of Mystery School initiation, spiritual psychotherapy, intuitive guidance, somatic work & shamanic techniques to produce a whole-being transformation.

I invite you on an exciting journey with me to reach your Highest Potential and embrace your pure innate channel, so you can live ecstatically from your multi-dimensional presence.

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“Having been in a state of post traumatic syndrome and bodily injury due to a bad car crash, just coming out of a two-year cycle of extreme challenge, my Phoenix Code initiation with Amoraea provided the portal to launch with unsurpassed depth into intrinsic wholeness and intimate connection with myself again. I was overcome by the safety net and field of love in which to release and receive an honest-to-goodness, masterful healing.”

Rene LaFaurie ~ Filmaker, Visionary

“Amoraea is a very gifted healer. He channeled through messages which brought me to tears, releasing emotional baggage I had been carrying for a long time which was costing me emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Amoraea is so tuned into what my soul needs to hear. I feel I broke through ancestral ties which were holding me back and keeping me small—all stemming from deep fears. I feel lifted and expanded way beyond what I have ever experienced. I feel euphoric and ready to really step up into my light and into love. My first healing session was different to anything I had ever experienced before in taking me into the deep places where stagnation released and then up to such amazing heights to help me realize my magnificence.”

Georgina Wilson ~ Transformational coach and Writer